Robert is an experienced business psychologist, psychotherapist and coach with over 10 years experience in the field of psychology. He possesses a vision to help individuals and businesses grow, achieve their goals, and realise their full potential through developing their Human Capital.

Psychology is Robert’s passion and he endeavours to instil this in every project he works on. Working with a broad spectrum of organisations and individuals, Robert specialises in optimising an organisations individual potential, levels of engagement and leadership impact.

Utilising the very latest rigorous psychological theories, principles, and best practices, Robert applies a collaborative approach to every project he is involved in. He believes that every organisation is unique and that no one-size-fits-all applies, thus he works closely with each organisation to understand their unique needs, values, identities and goals.

Robert is a certified personality and ability test user in 15FQ+, OPPro, VMI, and WAI.

Robert stewart


Focusing on improving the individual skills of staff, optimising engagement and creating high impact leadership, Robert applies a variety of methods to assist organisations in functioning effectively and improving their bottom line.

Performance coaching

Utilised to help an individual gain insight into their unique personality, mindset, values, strengths and limitations.
Can assist individuals to reinforce behavioural change from new learning.

Duration: 6x 1 90m Session per month (flexible)
Cost: £1500 per package
Suitable for: All business professionals

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Training Programmes

1. Leadership Evolution 2. Cognitive Enhancement 3. Essential Executive

A 2 hour interactive group workshop running over 6 weeks consecutively.
Designed to spread your learning over a significant period to maximise impact, to reduce the impact of spending time outside the office and to make training accessible to all organisations regardless of size.

Duration: 2 hours each workshop
Cost: £200 pp per workshop
Suitable for:

  • LE – All leaders at all levels
  • CE – All business professionals
  • EE – professionals looking to progress

Public offerings, in-house and bespoke available.

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Trending Talks

Talks designed to get business leaders and staff reflecting upon and questioning their current practice. Conveying current insights and trends into human capital, the implications for your organisation will be uncovered.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Cost: Public Free, In-house £300
Suitable for: All business professionals

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Robert believes the essence of a successful organisation lies in a combination of a great product or service and Human Capital. Within Human Capital, there are 3 distinct aspects that require focus and investment. A strong organisation has individuals who are autonomous, skilled and confident; these individuals are highly engaged in their work and committed to the organisation and its goals; and finally, it possesses great leaders who instil the values of the organisation and inspires its staff.



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