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Personal Development

An organisations employees are its greatest asset. Without investment in them, success is elusive

Training for personal development has been identified to have a number of positive outcomes associated with profitability of an organisation, such as increased employee engagement, job satisfaction and increased employee retention.

Identifying the needs of your employees can be tricky. In a fast moving world, the needs of the individual and the organisation can shift rapidly. In line with the most common needs for organisations and their staff, here you will find the most beneficial topics relating to your employees.


    Credible Coaching
    For a manager to develop their staff, coaching skills are essential. Without these, staff will struggle to set their own goals, learn new skills and progress sufficiently. Yet many managers lack these fundamental coaching skills, turning to more directive approaches in work and development, risking subsequent satisfaction and engagement. This workshop introduces the fundamental aspects of coaching and the skills required to get the most from team members and direct reports. It includes coaching models, motivational questioning, and active listening, to name but a few
    Change Ready
    Organisations are now functioning in a VUCA world; volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Things move quickly, change is regular and substantial. As professionals we need to be able to face change with agility and confidence. Our ability to fit in with the change that is put upon us will be the difference between success and failure. This workshop explores our relationship with change, our barriers to working through change and the strategies involved to have a better relationship with changing times
    Me, my brand & I
    Our technical skills are only 50% of how successful we are. Without a strong personal brand or reputation, people may not acknowledge the technical abilities we possess. To be successful we need to establish our own brand and present this to the outside world as often and confidently as possible. We need to establish a sense of consistency and be known for our skills, value, expertise and personality. This workshop introduces the concept of personal brand, explores some popular brands and their recipe for success, and how we can begin to establish our own unique personal brand
    Influence through inspiration
    Being inspirational doesn’t purely come from experience, authority or technical knowledge. Inspiration derives from a place of creating meaning and importance to those around you. Inspiring others isn’t an innate gift, rather a skill to be nurtured and practiced. This workshop explores what it means to inspire people around us, the specific aspects and practical skills involved. It also includes persuasion techniques
    Go for growth
    Current research is highlighting more and more the importance of employees possessing a growth mindset to be successful in the current business world. Developing an attitude in line with growth, opportunity, and innovation is crucial to business survival. Following the seminal work by Dr C. Dweck, ‘go for growth’ breaks down the key elements of a growth mindset and the essential strategies to start building your own growth mindset
    Smart social styles
    Based on Myers Briggs type indicator tools, social styles are an effective way of grouping an individuals personality types. Whether you are communicating in a meeting, conversing about a project or negotiating a promotion, understanding social styles can increase your impact on others. This workshop focuses on recognizing the various types of social styles in others and your own. Then explores the strategies that can be implemented to get the best from yourself and your relationships with others

Management Development

Good managers are hard to come by, hence the saying 'people leave managers, not jobs'.

All managers have the ability to be great leaders, they simply have to learn the skills and philosophy behind it.

A little investment can go a long way with managers and you'll find all the relevant courses, for both established and new managers, here.


  • Credible coaching
  • Social styles
  • Multiply motivation
  • Clearer conversations
  • Fruitful feedback
  • Valuable Goals
  • Influence up the chain

What works for you?

Here are some of the courses that may benefit your managers, whether they are new to their role or a seasoned manager wishing to update their skills and knowledge. .