Psychometric tools are a fantastic way to delve deeper into an individuals personality, values and strengths.

Psychometric tools

As a BPS qualified personality and ability test user, I can administer and evaluate a number of psychometric tools. Psychometric tools are a fantastic way to delve deeper into an individual’s personality, values and strengths.

I use psychometric testing in order to make physical and observable traits that will allow me to measure and assess interest, personality and aptitude so that you can gain a quick, and reliable insight into the minds of your employees and potential candidates.

Psychometric tools are used for a wide range of purposes including individual development and training, selection of personal, team building and development initiatives, as well as career development and progression.

Helping you to recruit the right person for the job you are advertising, determine how to improve current skills and performance, and helping to build positive workplace relations, whilst uncovering values and interests that play a huge role in career development, Psychometric testing is frequently used to obtain vital information that can improve all areas of your business.

Which Tools?

The tools that will benefit your people and organisation
  • 15FQ+ 15 personality traits based upon the trait based model of personality
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Values and motives
  • Decision styles
  • Strengths
  • Leadership qualities
  • 360 degree feedback

The value of psychometrics

Psychometric tools can be utilised in a number of contexts. It an be a useful adjunct to individual coaching. They can be used in a group setting to understand and build upon the group dynamics. And they can be helpful during performance management to recognise the strengths and limitations of employees, leading to up-skill opportunities.